368. The unfriendly Argonian



At the very heart of Aldunz I come across a lone Argonian tinkering with an animated Dwemer spider. Whilst dressed neck to tail in an impressive set of Dwarven made armour, she appears more then just a common scavenger, or treasure hunter. Perhaps she too is searching for clues as to the elusive Guardian’s Eye, or maybe like the Altmer Neramo I last saw at Sentinel, she makes study of the Dwemer machines that still roam the corridors of these abandoned subterranean settlements. 

Alas that I shall never know, for as I approached with sword sheaved and open hands, she stood and raised her staff high to hail me, not in greeting, but in an opening salvo of blaze and flame, and the Dwemer spiders that were sat at her feet, fell upon me like a pack of angry Kwama.


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