370. At the heart of the Alik’r


The Redguard outpost of Leki’s Blade takes its name from the statue around which the settlement was built in the First Era. According to legend, it is where Leki, the Goddess of aberrant swordsmanship, adopted the form of a warrior of sand wielding a blade of rock, in order to meet the challenge of an over-proud swordsman.

The duellists met at the very heart of the Alik’r desert and battled for 3 days and nights with neither able to gain an upper hand. The proud swordsman however felt himself beginning to tire, and in desperation struck with all his might at the weakest point of Leki’s rock sword, breaking the blade in two. It is said that it was Leki herself who erected the shrine from the sands, and later the last of the great Ansei warriors founded a temple at the site to ensure the philosophy of the “Way of the Sword”, lived on beyond the time of the great Yokudan Sword-Singers.

The future of the temple however seems about as uncertain as the desert winds. A scholar should never limit his teachings to that of their own learning, for his students are born of another time. The Ansei are no more, the goblin tribes have been subdued, and the Corelanyan Elves vanquished. Yet a new more deadly enemy rises from the sands in the form of their own forebears. Necromancers use repugnant magics to reanimate the corpses from the desert peoples own mausoleums to send against them, knowing that the Redguard will refuse to raise their blades against their honoured ancestors.

Tradition is the whet stone upon which the Redguard sharpen their blades, yet it is also the trammel that inhibits the Redguard from unsheathing them.


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