372. A suitable judge?




More then a century after his presumed death, a former master has returned to Leki’s Blade from the desert wastes and feeds upon the life force of the students. As formidable and dangerous as it is to pit my blade against that of an undead swordmaster, I find my most difficult challenge comes in the aftermath when asked to stand judgement over those who the monster corrupted.

Too often do we mistakenly credit those with the strongest arm or stoutest heart as being the ones most capable to judge the culpability and atonement of others. I am as susceptible to predisposition and prejudice as any, and yet in my journey it has fallen upon me to determine the fates of the vampires Heloise Menoit, Janeve Tamrith, Klaandor Axe-Bearer, and now Master Fadalia.

I am but a souless soldier, and perhaps that makes me the most suitable judge… or the least, depending upon the perspective of the one judging me.


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