380. Tava’s Blessing


Tava’s Blessing is a port city on the northern coast of the Alik’r desert, and the home of King Fahara’jad’s naval shipyards where, taking advantage of the natural deep waters of the Boralis coastline, new ships are being constructed for the Covenant navy. Despite being a desert people, the Redguard have a rich maritime tradition dating back to the first era when the huge Yokudan armada first crossed the Eltheric Ocean to claim their new land of Hammerfell.


Maintaining a strong navy is essential for it enables a country to carry war to the enemy so that it is never fought upon their own lands; and also as the Breton adage goes, ‘He who commands the seas, commands trade. He who commands trade, commands wealth. He who commands wealth, commands the seas.’


But that was all before the Withered Hand arrived, now this once industrious, bustling port is quiet, deathly quiet. 


The fanatic cultists have seemingly left none in the city alive. The briny air of the sea is now stifled with the overwhelming stench of rotting corpse and drying blood, and carrion birds have usurped gull and heron from the skies. The only movement now in the streets of Tava’s Blessing are small groups of drab leather-clad figures preparing for their foul rituals by arranging dead bodies around totems and sinister circles drawn in the sands.


And now I am told by the watching Ash’abah that trapped somewhere within this nightmare is Prince Azah, the son of the King.


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