382. A town lost to the dead


12Atop the Tava’s Blessing lighthouse, Alasan, one of the sibling leaders of the Withered Hand Cult, is close to accomplishing a ritual to turn himself into a powerful, and unstoppable Lich.  I have little choice but to kill him as I did his brother, but in doing so I shatter the sacred Ansei Ward to which he had become so intricately bound during his rite.


Even death is not enough to stop Alasan however, as he rises again as an insidious spirit, and the Ra-netu rise from the desert sands with him.

There is little I can now do to save Tava’s Blessing, we have lost the town to the dead. Perhaps the Ash’abah may one day be able to muster a force large enough to reclaim the town, but for that to happen the people of the desert will need to learn to accept and honour the Ash’abah, and that day seems a very, very long way away.


As for Alasan, the spirit of the Ansei Ward will attempt to bind and imprison him into the reforged blade for all eternity, or until we next forget the lessons of the past; and one thing that our history has taught us is that we seem predestined to forget our history.


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