389. An unequivocal resolution 


Tensions run high at the Saltwalker Camp in the Eastern Alik’r where a captain and his militia were all set to join with the Daggerfall Covenant, but now they find themselves under threat of being ousted from their own camp by a mutinous gang who want to find a much easier and safer way of making coin then by joining in the Alliance war.


It is difficult to judge a man’s ambitions in the wastelands of the desert and the motives behind the gang leader’s conduct, whilst both tragic and sorrowful, fall short of justifying his betrayal of his former comrade. Even the most misguided or miscreant of Redguard however are born with a deep-seated sensibility of honour, which means no matter how equivocal the contention, there is always an unequivocal resolution to be had.



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