392. Better the harpies you know




The Jackals of the desert wastes prey upon those too weak and vulnerable to defend themselves from the pack. In the myths and legends of the Yokudans, the jackals were often associated with guileful brigands and shrewd sorcerers, who practised plot, ploy and ruse to exploit the most susceptible.

The Redguard city of Kozanset in the eastern Alik’r has fallen under attack by harpies who descend from their nesting grounds in the hills to peck and claw at both the residents and their livestock. The magistrate, short on guards, asked a recently arrived Colovian mercenary group for help. The mercenaries however soon turn out to be little more then a pack of jackals, bullying, exploiting, and extorting the defenceless locals. The townspeople now question which is the worse, the harpies or the mercenaries, and some even openly suggest that the mercenaries themselves may be responsible for the sudden harpy aggression.

Perhaps in the desert it is better the harpies you know then the jackals you don’t.




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