397. Anthem of defiance 

sunset over the tigonus dolmen in the eastern alik'r


From the southern Tigonus road I hear the now all too familiar bawl of the dread horn, the metallic grind of cog and chain, and the thunderous rumblings as the insidious minions of Coldharbour breach our plane and another dark anchor falls upon the desert sands.

But then I hear the turbid commotion of hoof, paw, boot, and claw, the clarion of the resistance, as another disparate band of adventures answers the call, setting aside the colours of their banners to unite in the defence of Tamriel.

The tumult of battle follows, the reverberant clash of blade upon blade, the vivacious blasts of lightening, ice, and flame, the dynamic fizz of a hundred flying arrows, screech, scream, roar, wail, the tempestuous chorus of the dark anchor.

Soon it is over, victory for Tamriel as the final pinion is destroyed, casting the chains back into the anchor itself in a defiant crescendo that dooms the remaining daedra to fall to their disintegration on the land below. But it is not long before another anchor is summoned in its place, and this rhapsody of the Planemeld begins once more.

And so it goes on into the night, the cultists return, the dolmens are formed, only to be driven away in a seemingly endless cycle. Nowhere on Tamriel are the anchors met with such determined resistance and repelled so adeptly as they are in the Alik’r Desert, yet the more vigorously they are repelled the swifter they seem to return.

I remember reading in some dusty tome that deadra cannot be killed, they are just banished back to oblivion where they will eventually be given form again. So what hope for Tamriel? How long before the Fighters guild and their associates becomes spread too thin against this seemingly endless army of deadra? One needs only look to the fate of the Imperial City to know that to endure is no longer enough.

If the anchors continue to fall and the Banners continue to war, then Tamriel is doomed. But not tonight. Tonight we stand resolved to meet each new anchor wherever and whenever they fall. Tonight each bawl of the dread horn shall be answered by an anthem of defiance.


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