414. What evil fears

The Chamber of Agony at the heart of the Halls of Torment.

One thing has puzzled me since we first arrived at this prison, what does the Duchess of Anguish have to fear so much that she hides away in a fortress such as this?

Is it all just to keep her prisoners inside? Unlikely, for even if they could escape their bounds and their jailers, where would they run to in the middle of Coldharbour?

Is it to keep someone else out? Are there conflicts and disunity within the tribes of Coldharbour itself that we could never have imagined? Perhaps not, for who would dare attack such a favoured minion of Molag Bal’s in the Lord or Brutality’s own realm?

Or is it to protect the Duchess from something that goes far beyond her own understanding of reward or punishment, the one inevitability of all existence and that one thing that all evil fears… consequence.


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