436. The Viridian verdict


The Voice of the Forest, an aged and wise Spriggan whose power and influence over the beasts of the Viridian Woods should not be underestimated. Yet she is bound by a pact older then even herself, so when the Viridian Sentinel requests a bud freely given from her branches to save the life of a princess, she, albeit grudgingly, accedes.

The Wyrd Sisters too, despite believing the pact broken by the Sentinel’s misuse of the forests powers, play their part in the ritual. And finally the Sentinel himself gives up the last of his power, his final essence, and passes from Nirn forevermore. Yet it is still not enough, and I must help the princess become the new Sentinel, lest she too will die.

Yet both the Voice of the Forest and the Wyrd appeal to my conscience to destroy the enchanted Spriggan’s bud. For they say man was never meant to have rule over the wilds, for he cannot know the will or the needs of nature. To them the pact is unnatural, a centuries old abomination of nature’s true spirit, that I could end here and now. For they argue the princess was destined to die anyhow, and what is one life weighed against the subjugation of so many.



Perhaps a week ago I might have agreed, but what is our conscience but the the fruit of our perception. Having seen what the Wyrd sister did to the Sergeant’s daughter in front of him, and their willingness to let this innocent die without compassion… nature by its very nature knows not pity, knows not remorse, knows not empathy and knows not the value of a life.


Perhaps these wilds are in need of a gardener after-all.



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