442. A reluctant union at Jackdaw Cove


The dark woods north of Halcyon Lake are full of crumbling forts and towers long ago garrotted by the wilds; but now the woods themselves are being strangled and chocked by the monstrous vines of the Reach.

Uela the Hagraven and her vile clan of Dark Witnesses threaten both the Viridian Woods and the Breton city of Evermore from their camp here in the dark forest. It is from the Jackdaw Cove that the black crows of the Reach fly.

In the past the Wyress might have had the knowledge and craft to drive back the Reachmen, but they no longer have any power here as the Witness’s foul totums suppress the forest magic. I posses the strength and skill to fight the wildmen, but I have not the knowledge of the land to stop their magics, or even find the Hagraven.

Only by working together can the sisters of the Wyrd and I hope to drive out the Reachmen and reclaim this forest. We share no bond of friendship or trust, only a common enemy. This most reluctant of unions must be like the waves of a moving sea between two shores, we each need to have faith that the other side will do their part.


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