460. Arlimahera’s Grip


I arrive at the crumbling ruins of Arlimahera’s Grip to find my theory, that it was from here that the Seventh Legion had been launching their raids upon the outpost at Martyr’s Crossing, quickly dispelled. The ruins of the fortress have been completely overrun by Xivilai and Banekin, so many in fact, that I think even Imperial necromancers would baulk at the prospect of crossing these grounds.


As I climb a tower to better survey the ruined fortress, I spy a group of hooded figures approaching a remote stone dolmen in the southern-most courtyard; the insidious Worm Cult are preparing another sacrifice. Perhaps Arlimahera’s Grip is just another example of what happens when the Dark Anchors of Coldharbour go unanswered for too long.

The fortress itself however was but a ruin long before these daedra arrived. Almost 200 years ago Arlimahera, the ‘Blood Queen’ of Hegathe, lead an army north across the vast wastelands to conquer the province of Bangkorai. That the border between High Rock and Hammerfell now stands just south at the Bangkorai Pass perhaps points to the fate of her venture.

As for the Xivilai now prowling the ruins, their intentions are far less perceptible then the Blood Queen’s. Tall and burly with two horns, piercing yellow eyes full of contempt, and blue skin that shimmers under the light of Masser and Secunda. Whilst far less coordinated then their more militaristic cousins, the Dremora, it is their self-serving, unpredictability that makes them just as fearsome an adversary. Traditionally wielding huge battleaxes, they are also believed to be very adept in all schools of magic, and many of the vile Banekin that now scamper wildly between the fallen stones were probably summoned by the Xivilai themselves.


It is unclear what the Xivilai’s intentions are here, but in a deep sanctum within the ruins I, and a small band of like-minded delvers, discover a particularly large and powerful Xivilai performing dark ritual. Maybe she is a champion of the Xivilai, perhaps a leader, or mayhap just a puppet for another with far darker schemes. The only thing clear at Arlimahera’s Grip, is that she must be stopped.


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