463. Doubts and resolutions


The gates and high walls of the Bangkorai Garrison are an imposing sight. Near-by I find that High King Emeric and his retinue of Lions guards and Evermore soldiers have arrived before me. Despite our combined forces however, we do not have enough numbers to enact a full assault or siege upon the mighty stone battlements of the garrison.


King Emeric though has earned renown for his tactical acumen in past battles, so I will put my trust in his plan today. It is good to see the High King leading on the front. Quick-witted, silver-tongued and sardonic, this is Emeric at his best; troubled times calls for a more visible and bold leadership.

However, I still remember vividly Emeric’s weaknesses cruelly exposed by Vaermina’s consort. I witnessed what truly lies beneath his breast plate, and I cannot forget.

I know next to nothing of the little elf girl, or the drunken minstrel that lead the other alliances who war over the tarnished throne and the ashes of an empire, whilst tearing my homeland apart. They may be no better, they may be no worse, the only time I’ve ever encountered them was in some twisted fancy of Sheogorath’s imagining. All I know is I cannot in good conscience back Emeric’s claim to be emperor, and thus I cannot fight under the Lion’s banner.


So if I do not fight for Bangkorai, for Emeric, or his Covenant, then as I stand here on the morn of another battle which I may or may not survive, who or what am I fighting for?

I am about to raise my sword against an Imperial Legion, my once comrades, my landsman, my kin. Some of the soldiers on the other side of these stone walls I may know, some I may have trained with, served with even. We may have grown up as neighbours, played in the same streets and fields. Many of them were born my countrymen, but not today.

Today, I fight against this corrupted legion and those that have corrupted them. I fight against the Tharns, the cultists, the daedra worshippers, and that thief Mannimarco.

Today I fight for Cyrodiil. Today and everyday, I fight for Stendarr’s Legions.


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