468. Scorched Lands


From the southern gates of the Bangkorai Garrison, High King Emeric looks out across the Fallen Wastes. Still the lust of battle bestirs his blood and he is eager to push forward into the desert to find Septima Tharn and liberate the rest of Southern Bangkorai from her Seventh Legion’s choking grasp. Emeric’s forces however need time to regroup, so I am sent to scout the road ahead to Hallin’s Stand.

It is not long before I see the first devastating consequences of the Seventh Legion’s occupation. The Damar Farmstead has been burnt almost to the ground and nowt but daedra now roam the fields about.

Scorched Lands; a military tactic all the Legions know, but rarely talk about.

In the event of retreat we were taught to destroy anything that might be of use to the enemy. To burn the fields, supplies, and bridges. To tear down the buildings and scatter their stones so not even rubble remained. It is a shameful policy, but seen as a necessary one.

Emeric must muster quickly, lest all that will be left for him to liberate will be sand and corpses.


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