492. Trust

I recall a quietly spoken saying back in the Imperial City, ‘fire and lightning are slow tools of destruction compared to the forked tongue of a Tharn’. To trust is hard, knowing who to trust is harder still.

Trust, it is the very glue of life that holds together every partnership and fellowship. It is the moving sea between the shores of every relationship, yet so far I have found little reason to put my trust in any of my companions. The old man has hid truths from me from the beginning, and Titanborne was complicit in his deceit. The Redguard is honest to a fault, but he has not yet fully recovered from his torture in Coldharbour, and suffers still Mannimarco’s influence. And then there is Tharn.

Yet I must learn to trust my companions, and they me, for together we are the best hope that Tamriel has.

What better way to discover if you can trust someone in battle then to lead them into the fabled Crypt of Heroes whilst a necromancer is raising an entire city of dead against us. Because in the end the only way to discover if you can truly trust somebody… is to trust them.


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