502. Wisdom is the edge of a coin

502 (a). Wisdom is the edge of a coin502 (b). Wisdom is the edge of a coin

Sometimes on our journey we are forced to choose a side in order to get what we need. There are times like at Haj Uxith where one must choose the side which feels the least wrong, and there are other times like here in the Moonless Walk where one must choose between two sides who both feel wrong. Perhaps neither the Shadow Walkers or the Lamia are the monsters they seem, maybe they are but two sides of the same coin, either way it is as well to look at both, before one commits to either.

502 (e). Wisdom is the edge of a coin

The Bosmer girl seems sincere in her desire, and her people would certainly prove strong allies in our battles ahead. But Captain Alphaury was hunted through these woods and killed in cold blood by these Shadow Walkers. How many other of our guild members have they slaughtered in the same manner? And yet they have proven their faithfulness in blindly honouring their age old pact with the Lord of Brutality; and honour, faithfulness and sincerity are qualities I hold above all else.

502 (f). Wisdom is the edge of a coin

The Lamia speak truths, and in many ways they are but victims. They did not ask to come to this accursed realm, nor did they make pacts with daedric princes. And they did not hunt my people through these woods like animals. Yet can I truly trust their motives, for they are but beasts, and have no concept of honour, faithfulness and sincerity.

502 (i). Wisdom is the edge of a coin502 (j). Wisdom is the edge of a coin

Throughout these woods I have tried to keep my blade clean and attempt not to become a tool for either side in their conflict, yet destiny has a way of folding the corners so you become implicit, and even though there is no blood on my blade, the final actions of the Lamia has soaked my conscience crimson.

To Oblivion with all of them, may they all rot in these damnable woods together.


1 thought on “502. Wisdom is the edge of a coin

  1. You have quite a wonderful way of capturing your adventures on the lands of Tamriel and beyond, cerum. I shall be keeping an eye out for your journal entries!


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