504. Wherefore lies the tower

504 (a). Wherefore lies the tower

Just to the west of the Hollow city can be found the Tower of Lies, only there is no tower to be seen, just a huge gaping hole in the ground. I could not tell you whether there was ever a tower, for no evidence can be found, but the daedra are not generally famed for their wit or irony; although I hear tell that dremora can be savagely mordant on occasion. Whatever was here in the past, it is now but another deep Coldharbour prison, that its captives are forced to mine, and in the process bury themselves ever deeper into their own confinement. Perhaps the daedra know of irony after all.

504 (d). Wherefore lies the tower

All but one captive however, for an Orc stands apart, and the daedra seem to be making no attempt to force him to moil. As I come closer I recognise him as Skordo the Knife whom I freed from a Montclair cage back in Shornhelm, and who later proved his worth in the liberation of Northpoint.

504 (e). Wherefore lies the tower

I remember Skordo well, but he does not seem to remember me, or what I did for him. I guess that is just the Orsimer way. If you save the life of an Orc, once he has grunted his appreciation do not expect a pledge of a debt of honour or lifelong bond, or even warm greetings or recognition thereafter. For he has moved on, and so should you.


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