512. The Vile Laboratory

512 (a). The Vile Laboratory

Every time I leave the safety of the Hollow City for the blighted azure wastes of Coldharbour, I find I am forced into making a choice between one life or another. First there was the fate of the lost Argonian tribe at Haj Uxith. Then the exiles war between the Lamias and the Shadow Walkers at The Moonless Walk. But now here at this Vile Laboratory I find myself faced with the most onerous choice of them all; who is to live or die between two equally worthy souls. The one rationale I have to guide me is perhaps the most uncivilized of all; whom benefits my cause the most.

512 (d). The Vile Laboratory

When they arrived in Coldharbour, the Dark Elf mage Gadris, and the Khajiit alchemist Zur were captured by Dremora. In insidious procedure at this Vile Laboratory, their souls were melded together in one body. This soul-meld has weakened them such that If they are not soon separated then they will both surely die. But only one can survive the separation.

512 (g). The Vile Laboratory

If you have ever witnessed the majesty of the sunrise over the forests of Southern Elsweyr, then one could surely never choose against the Khajiit. Yet if you have seen the wondrous ashen skies above Vardenfell in twilight, then how could you choose any above the Dunmer.

512 (j). The Vile Laboratory

I cannot see the future, I have no scroll or spell to predict or judge who will better serve the kismet of Tamriel. Conscience and compassion are all I have to guide me, but alas that they are both tainted by my own experience and prejudice. I resent the Dremora for their cruel experiment, I resent Zur and Gadris for becoming their victims, but most of all… most of all I resent myself for this bigot’s choice.


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