517. Visions of the apocalypse

517. Visions of the apocalypse

It is said that Coldharbour is Molag Bal’s apocalyptic vision for Nirn, and as I look out now upon the Bloodthorn camp at the battlefield of the Cliff of Failure, I fancy that I am looking upon what may have become of Glenumbra had we not put a stop to Angof and his Bloodthorn cult at the cemetery of Cath Bedraud.

Giant thorny vines cultivated by the sinister magics of the Reach have chocked all other life from the land, and now all that moves between the swaying stems has but already been dead.

I wonder if the people of Daggerfall will ever fully understand just how close the corruption came to their great city. For when Eagle’s Brook fell, when the wolves were at the gates of Aldcroft, when the streets of Camlorn bled. when the risen dead were all that roamed the northern roads, and when even the Wyrd Tree at Glenumbra’s heart suffocated on the foul pollution of the Reach, it was the brave men and women of the Lions Guard, the Knights of the Dragon, and the Beldama Wyrd who together, at such great cost, pushed back the blight to keep their land green and blest.


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