521. Betrayal of the lost

521 (a). Betrayal of the lost521 (b). Betrayal of the lost

During my search for the Black Forge I discover a secluded portal which led to what appears to be a sub-realm of Coldharbour. Floating all about in the opaque skies above and the Azure Plasm below, are pieces of what were once Tamriel. I chance upon Mezha-dro, a Khajiit follower of Meridia, and learn the stolen archipelago is actually made up of what were once three villages; a Dunmer town named Silver Run, a Khajitti hamlet called Khaj’yahai, and the Orc stronghold of Dushnikh’s Shadow.

521 (e). Betrayal of the lost521 (f). Betrayal of the lost

Together we attempt to seal several tears in the fabric of Oblivion to prevent any further townships from being dragged into this rapacious realm. As we journey from breach to breach we discover that betrayal and treason lie behind the demise of each of the villages.

It is an all too familiar ballad, an orchestration of treachery playing upon the ambitions of men, mer and beast-folk alike, who will willingly sell out their own kind for what turns out to be worth little more then a Baandari bargain. It is the weakness of mortals that is Molag Bal’s greatest strength.

521 (i). Betrayal of the lost


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