528. The restoration of Vanus Galerion

528 (a). The restoration of Vanus Galerion

The three circling orbs of light lead me through the tunnels of the Black Forge towards their master, the essences of Vanus Galerion seemingly as desperate to reunite with their corporeal patriarch, as he is with them. However, I find standing between the literal heart-warming reunion is the feared dremoran leader Kothutuik and his pet Clannfear. Ever noble to his ignoble command, for a dremora to ascend to such a high position of responsibility in their martial society, is to climb over the bodies of those ahead.

It is the very pride and arrogance of the immortal dremora that makes them such formidable foes, but is also their greatest weakness. For their lack of mortal humility has led to an inability to learn from the failures and successes of themselves and others. It is perhaps too shallow a thing to say that once you have conquered one dremoran warlord you have conquered them all. Yet it is certainly true that all those I have faced in battle have been most akin in both strengths and weaknesses. Mortals only learn to survive by learning from from those who didn’t. I suspect if all dremora were made mortal for a day, they would be near extinct by sunset.

That Galerion survived capture and endured for so long is indeed impressive, but more so is that once made whole again, he is determined to push forward with his mission. Has he never heard of the old Redguard saying, ‘You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.’ It is here perhaps we find the starkest difference between mortal and dremora. For a mortal hero is one willing to sacrifice themselves so that others survive, the dremoran hero only survives by sacrificing others.


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