539. VoM3 – To endure is to overcome

539 (a). To endure is to overcome

Across the bridge in the Vault of Pain awaits Ulguna Soul-Reaver, a huge daedric harvester. To return the soul of Gasteau Charmond who may be my only hope of escape from this macabre prison, I shall need to overcome this soul thief.

539 (b). To endure is to overcome

Despite its size the harvester seems to rely solely upon its destructive magical capabilities to fight. Shooting azureus orbs and waves of ice from its long fingers, it is a difficult adversary for me to get within skirmish range for my blade to bite. But when I finally do the creature proves it is at its most dangerous when it is hurt. For the Harvester cast a vampiric like spell that ripped my very essence from my body into orbs which it slowly drew unto itself. When the spell hits it is agony and leaves me winded on every occasion.

539 (f). To endure is to overcome

For the warrior most fights are about hitting your enemy harder then they hit you, but sometimes a battle cannot be won through strength of arm, but through strength of will. It is about having the fortitude and grit to outlast your foe. It is the mortals capacity to endure that separates us from the daedra. No pain that we suffer in life is wasted, every trial that we endure, that we experience, builds up our characters, and our hearts.

539 (j). To endure is to overcome


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