552. The last noble King

552. The last noble King

After a battle it is often impossible to distinguish the victorious camp from the defeated one, for the torches of victory are overcast by the shadows of loss. It is in this most sorrowful aftermath when the soldier questions the price of companionship, for when we lose our friends, the hurt is oft far worse than the emptiness before they came.

Darien never made it back to the light. Throughout my journey, from the low streets of Camlorn to the crest of the Doomcrag, from the liberation of Northpoint, to the conquest of the The Endless Stair, Darien has proved a most staunch and trustworthy companion; his loss will forever be felt as a knot in my heart.

And now Dynar, a true, true champion who sacrificed his final breath for the future generations of Tamriel whose words of thanks he never will hear, for history already chronicles his people as tyrants. Yet I shall forever remember him as noble Laloriaran Dynar, the last Ayleid king, perhaps the last Ayleid, perhaps even the last noble King in all Tamriel.


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