561. A restless soul

561 (a). A restless soul

Upon my return from the discordant realms of Oblivion I chose to make a home in the High Rock city of Daggerfall. I purchased a modest house and attempted, with little artistry or varnish, to make it feel like a home. I filled the shelves with the many books and tomes I have collected though-out my travels, and planned to idle my evenings away by the fire, adrift in poetry and literature.

Since the fall of the Imperial City and my subsequent escape from Coldharbour during the uprising at the Wailing Prison, I have been somewhat of a vagabond, a drifter in body and soul. Of all the towns I  visited during my travels through these Covenant lands, it was Daggerfall that felt the most familiar, and comfortable.

561 (d). A restless soul

Perhaps it was the refuge I found in her crowded streets, bustling market place, and busy harbours, after so long spent in the desolate wilds of Coldharbour. Perhaps it was the sanctuary I felt behind her high gates and stone walls, insurmountable even to the great army of the Black Drake. Or perhaps it was the reassuring shade cast by the castle and her twin towers standing sentinel, ever watchful and alert from atop the hill so her citizens need not be.

Alas… though there is so much to interest me here, nothing seems to hold me. The restlessness of my soul grows by the day and casts an invisible blanket between my will and ambition. And whilst in the past I was ne’er so lonely as when in a crowd, it is the creak of the floorboards in this empty house that is the loneliest sound I have ever known.

I must go somewhere, see something, find something; yes, I need to find something.

I recall Merida’s offer to see the world from the perspective of the other Alliances… now wouldn’t that be a thing. But no. I am done being a puppet of Daedric Princes, no matter their painted hue.

561 (h). A restless soul

I do remember however that there was a man with a cart outside the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest offering passage to Craglorn to the east. I believe he called himself a Star-Gazer, and babbled something incoherent about the stars vanishing from the sky. Proper sugar-glazed that one. But it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve joined the voyage of a soused captain. Anyhow, every mercenary worth his purse will tell you that if you are searching for something, be it trail, adventure, coin, or even yourself, then the town of Belkarth is the first place to look.


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