570. The Mage’s gamble

570. The Mage's gamble

The Aspects of the Celestial Mage reunite for the first time since the Serpent divided them, but there is still one missing. The Lost One is fully under the Serpent’s influence and they tell me she may now be more powerful than the four them combined. In order to stop her, or at least prevent her corruption from growing further, they must join with her so that they may divide the Lost One from within. For this they require a distraction, and of course this is where I come in.

This would appear to be a huge gamble, for if it fails we shall be delivering the Aspects straight into the Serpent’s venomous maw. Even on this material realm it would seem an impossible fight a mere mortal cannot hope to survive, and I wonder perhaps if I am meant to. For these Celestials, for whom a generation of Mer is but a moment, surely cannot esteem a mortal’s life to be of any worth. Yet for the sake of Craglorn I must travel to the fallen city of Elinhir and find the Apex Stone hidden beneath; I can only pray that this proves to be but a gamble, and not a gambit.


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