583. Humbling the haughty

583 (a). Humbling the haughty

The elemental monarchs are powerful daedra created by the Celestial Mage to help keep control of the tempestuous atronachs. But when the ever-twisting Serpent began to corrupt the fallen aspects of the Mage, it also created a new monarch to rule the three, and thus secured under it’s command a ready made elemental army with which to torment eastern Craglorn.

583 (d). Humbling the haughty

But now that the Celestial Mage is hopefully fighting to break free from the Serpent’s artful influence, it is time to break this armies inclement chain of command.

583 (g). Humbling the haughty

There is nothing more distasteful to daedra then to be indebted to a mortal, and these monarchs are far too conceited to help us to help them. Indeed it seems they would rather witness the subjugation of their creator then to suffer such an indignation. So we need to find and humble the three haughty monarchs who hide like skeevers under mountain and rock, and then bind them to give up the location of this new arch-monarch.

583 (j). Humbling the haughty


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