585. The Atronach King

The elemental monarchs told that the Celestial Serpent manipulated them to create a powerful new atronach to command it’s elemental army. They warned that Parel Nirus had the ability to take on the elements of the all the other atronachs, so I entered the great hall of Balamath expecting nothing less then a tempest. What greeted me was a hulking tri-faced atronach wielding a huge heavy sword in each of it’s six wafting hands.

They say that there is a calm to be found at the centre of the storm but when facing the full fury of an Air Atronach that simply isn’t the case. With six great swords swinging wildly from every angle possible, you can either grit your teeth, raise your shield, and pray that the old adage ‘the more violent the storm the quicker it passes’ is true; or you learn damned quickly how to dance in the rain without getting wet.

The air monarchs defeat has broken the chain of command from Serpent to atronach, it is now up to the Star-Gazers with the help of the heroic coward Kelmen Locke, to end the threat of the Serpent’s elemental army for good. I must look to the west where the threat to Craglorn is now greatest.


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