587. Secrets under the sands

I set out on the west road out of Belkarth with the intention of scouting for any information as to the fate of the fallen Celestial Warrior. Soon I come across what appears to be the ruins of a vast Yokudan temple.

587 (a). Secrets under the sands

The size of the ruins alone stands testament to the achievements of the mighty Yokudan exiles, but that this site is now but rubble and brash shows that even the Redguards are fated to eventually be worn down by the abrading sands of Hammerfell. Just look about these harsh wastes and you can see the remnants of the humbled. Ayleid, Dwemer, Yokudan, Nedes, these rugged lands acquiesce to the hubris of neither Man nor Mer; and mayhap not even the Celestials.

587 (b). Secrets under the sands587 (c). Secrets under the sands

Just outside the ruins I am approached by a Redguard lady claiming to be a ‘friend’ to the Star-Gazers of Belkarth. She tells me that she is attempting to reach the underground libraries of the ruined temple that she refers to as the Seeker’s Archive. She believes there is hidden within information that might help us overcome the Celestial threat. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the secret to defeating the Celestials from the sky was to be found so deep under the sands?

The temple ruins however have recently become overrun by the Anka–Ra, warrior undead who have crawled out of the very grounds of the ruined temple, multiplying the evils wandering this accursed land. Worse still the only known door to the underground library can only be opened by activating devices in the surrounding ruins which are now guarded by a trio of particularly powerful Anka–Ra.

587 (g). Secrets under the sands

There are no Ansei Wards or Ash’abah tribes in Craglorn to quell these risen Yokuda. Pity the ill-fated Redguard; for a people whose religion and customs are set so firmly ‘gainst any sort of interaction with their ancestral dead, their ancestral dead are seemingly the most resurrected in all of Tamriel.

587 (j). Secrets under the sands


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