617. The diplomat’s blade

For the Bosmer diplomat Little Leaf, success is overcoming her adversaries without fighting, but she is quickly coming to the realization that diplomacy is simply not a language these Iron Orcs understand… Now violence however.

With the troll trainer slain in his hold we search next the Valley of Scars for the rune-scriber and the armourer, to try and convince them to put an end to this troll army. Runescriber Kulth seeks to bolster the strength of the trolls by carving nirncrux enchanted runes into their flesh, whilst Armorer Uthik adds nirncrux dust to the beasts armour she forges to make it tougher.

Unsurprisingly neither Orc responds well to Little Leaf’s diplomatic approach. Despite what the Bosmer diplomat believes however violence does not necessarily equal failure, through the soldier’s eyes it is just another form of diplomacy.


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