619. Skyreach 1 – Blood of Nirn

619 (a). Skyreach 1 - Blood of Nirn

The skyline of Northern Craglorn is dominated by the soaring towers of the ancient Nedic city of Skyreach. Despite having read that much of what now remains of the city is beneath the Dragontail mountains, I decide to wait till first light to make my approach to the entrance of Skyreach Hold.

As I approach an elf scholar named Nendirume warns that the Scaled Court has taken over the ruined city. She suspects that they are searching deep inside the Hold for “the blood of Nirn”, or nirncrux as it is known to the sane, sober and rational. She asks that if am going anyway, perhaps I could help her by investigating exactly what the cultists are up to.

The Celestial Serpent’s cultists are indeed numerous inside the Hold and I am forced to fight my way through many of them before I stumble upon a conversation between a well armed Argonian, and the mirage of a human the lizard calls Exarch Arnoth.  Before I am noticed the projection confirms that they have found what they were looking for, a source of raw nirncrux element deeper inside the hold.

619 (h). Skyreach 1 - Blood of Nirn

Is it not ironic that here, where once the Nedes built their towers so high to reach for the power of the Celestials, the Celestial’s agents now dig so deep to unearth the power of the Nedes?


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