623. Skyreach 5 – The Deceiver’s creations

Having overcome the betrayed Nedic kings, I delve deeper into the catacombs beneath Skyreach in search of the necromancer. Through tombs, crypts and chambers I hunt, battling the Deceiver’s most devilish creations. From giant Bone Colossi made up of the remains of the city’s ancient dead, to risen spirits of the Nedic’s elite, denied their justly rest. From the very watchers who sacrificed themselves to seal the necromancer in his mausoleum, to the spirit of the high kings daughter, who the betrayer was said to have once loved. And all the while the loathsome voice of the hellion taunts, threatens and barbs as he watches my decent.

It appears the necromancer Virmeal was indeed building an army in these tombs of the once great city of Skyreach, to perhaps one day unleash upon the living. If he had realised the Scaled Courts intentions when they breached his chambers, Craglorn may already have become overrun by an unstoppable force. For in my experience the undead fight just as fiercely and enthusiastically as the living. But unlike us, they fight uninhibited by fear.

Fear however is not necessarily a weakness. It exists to remind us, sometimes intensely, that we have something valuable to lose, something worth fighting for. And only when we are afraid, can we show our courage and bravery, two traits that the undead do not have, and perhaps the prime reason why Tamriel still belongs to the living.


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