626. Just another extraordinary

When I’d heard that the Chiselshriek Mines in Upper Craglorn had been closed after the work was interrupted by the appearance of extraordinary mystical beings, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Perhaps some new form of Scaled Court malfeasance, another fallen Celestial, or even remnants of their elemental army. Subterranean wispmothers however, disturbed by the mining sure wasn’t it.

I guess once upon a time I might have considered the sudden appearance of wispmothers extraordinary, but not now after all I have seen. It’s all a far cry from my life as a legionnaire, where you dedicate yourself to training for something you hope will never happen. Now when the worst doesn’t happen, I feel almost disappointed.

They say that in 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t see than by the things you did, even if all you got to see was a stone mine that dug a little too deep.

626 (i). Just another extraordinary


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