633. When fowl have no feathers

633. The Drake of Blades

I am greeted in the tunnels by a masked figure calling herself the ‘Drake of Blades’, a rather curious title for a female agent, but I suppose it sounds a little more formidable then the ‘Duck of Blades’. She claims to be a member of the Imperial Dragonguard, sworn to serve the true heir of the Dragon, yet driven into hiding by the Empress Regent. I recall Sai Sahan was also a member of the Dragonguard before… all this! I wonder what he and Lyris are up to now, and Tharn of course; perhaps he returned to Cyrodiil as Meridia suggested he would. Although surely he would not be so foolish as to bring the Amulet of Kings back to the Imperial City at this time.

As for this masked Drake, she cares nothing for the Three Banners, claiming “When Akatosh’s heir arrives, the old order, all of it, will be swept away.” I daren’t tell her that the power of the Chim-el Adabal is supposedly spent for a generation at least, and so is about as functional as fish with no fins. She believes Molag Bal eventually plans to pull the Imperial City into Coldharbour itself, but for now is searching above and below for something of immense power; but she knows not what.

I wonder about her mask. The irony of it is that those who wear masks often tell more truths than those without, for their eyes reveal what their tongues do not. And she has the eyes of one who believes devoutly in fate.


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