636. The Immortal Eight

636 (a). The Immortal Eight

For almost two months Captain Anatolius Caudex and his small band of legionnaires have managed to hold their makeshift garrison in the forum of the Nobles district against the Daedric horde. But now only eight of them remain and the combined forces of Molag Bal’s minions and the traitors of Legion Zero are preparing for perhaps their biggest assault on the Improvised Garrison yet.

The legionaries brief me on what I did not know about that night of the Ruby Betrayal. It appears the loyalist legionaries in the Arboretum, Temple and Nobles districts lasted longer then the rest of us against our treacherous brethren. Indeed, for a time they believed they might win, but the daedra quickly turned the tide and the Arboretum and Temple units became overrun. Only Captain Caudex’s unit withstood the onslaught. Their scout suggested however that there might be more to their resilience then meets the eye, yet his comrades are unwilling to confide more in me. I cannot blame them of course, for it is difficult to trust anyone once you have been betrayed by your own brothers and sisters. Perhaps that is why this dutiful band is more like a family then a company.

Zelanus Equitius scouts the district for supplies and recruits to ease his comrades fight. Zelanus knows his talents, and makes the most of them to serve his company, even if that means not fighting at their side. He believes that the god’s will sell them all they need for the price of his honest labour.

Devout Arrianus Capius prays on his knees for Arkay to end his waking nightmare with a soldiers death, yet he seems certain his prayers will go unanswered. Despite this he pledges to never give up his fight to protect the mortal world from this immortal invasion… until his last breath.

The youthful Dulcilla Iullus attempts to keep the flagging spirits of her comrades raised and brightens their remaining time with music and smiles. The quality of the human spirit is to be able to face our certain doom with optimism. Yet when the night is darkest this Blessed Lady takes it one step further, reaching down and lifting up the people around her.

The studious Justianas Gratus believes that even in the absence of hope, it is still a virtue to study and learn. He endures this chaos by knowing more today than he knew yesterday. Knowledge however can only furnish the mind, it cannot impart wisdom, and Justianas has learnt you can only survive in battle by listening to the wisdom that your blood whispers to you.

Kyleus Herminia is annoyed when I disturb her writing. Bitterly she complains that the Eight ignore their prayers and that all is surely lost. They say that bitterness is to be avoided as it feeds upon its host, but it also fuels anger and resentment, and the truth of it is that some people need that fire to survive; It burns away their fear. And for this elemental mage, it is her enemy’s who must fear the fury of her storm.

Maxima Petellia thinks of her comrades as her children to be tended, fussed over and mothered. She cooks their meals and heals their wounds. Compassion is her way of fighting back against the horrors of the outer darkness. For these soldiers her acts of kindness are as powerful as a sword or staff raised in anger.

Statius Vettiena is sharpening his sword, when not swinging it at his enemies, he is always sharpening his sword. His tongue is as sharp as his blade, as he vociferously proclaims righteous indignation. For him it is simple, he survives solely to bring Stendarr’s justice to those who betrayed them. The longer he lives, the more justice he can deliver.

Finally Captain Caudex, the leader of this band who stand alone in defiance of the will of a Deadric prince. He personifies the Imperial qualities of endurance and dutiful service. As a leader he keeps his fears to himself, but shares his courage with his comrades. And he embodies the motto that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, all that matters is that you get back up.


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