17. The Spearhead

17. The Spearhead

The surviving crew of the Spearhead had a sorry tale to tell regarding mutiny, and betrayal.  It appears not all Redguard are happy to be members of the Daggerfall Covenant, especially when it effectively puts an end the lucrative pirating of rich Breton galleons that sail the Abecean Sea.

The Captain herself is reportedly on the Island of Stros M’Kai, trying to recruit a new, more trust worthy crew for a new contract.  Even in Cyrodiil we’d heard of that infamous Redguard settlement.  I’d spent my childhood fighting her pirates, and capturing her marauder ships in stories and games.  But now, if I am to thank this captain for saving my life, it appears I need to go there for real.  

They say you should never meet your childhood heroes… but what about your childhood villains?


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