18. Upon landing at Stros M’Kai

18 (b). Upon landing at Stros M'Kai18 (a). Upon landing at Stros M'kai

I’ve heard it said that there comes a day in a man’s life when he’ll wake up one morning to the calling of the sea.  Well if that man has any sense, he’ll roll over and go back to sleep till the next day dawns.  It is a blessed relief to feel solid ground under my feet once more… even if that ground is all but sand.

I quickly find the captain enjoying a drink on the docks, under the protective watch of a particularly brutish looking Orsimer whose eyes seem alert to my every shift.  She is reluctant to suit credit for saving me, but suggests that if I have gratitude, I might display it by helping her out on a job.  I have no wish to get myself involved in the schemes of pirates, but to reach a port one must sometimes sail with the wind, and sometimes against it.  As much as I’d like to say I agreed due to my innate sense of honour, I have need of coin more than integrity right now.


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