22. The Noble Pirate

22. The Noble Pirate

From my very first day as a raw recruit in the Imperial army, it was drummed into me that when a member of our unit was in trouble, you are supposed to do something about it.  It mattered not what differences we may have had, nor what we thought of him, but he was our comrade and you had to do something.

I never expected to find such noble traits as duty and loyalty from a pirate captain in Stros M’Kai, nor such unwavering faith and resolution from her surviving crew members toward their captain.  Perhaps what we had been taught of these people back in Cyrodiil has been misrepresentation born of misunderstanding, or more likely perhaps, born of propaganda and politics.  Whichever the case, this Lerisa has proved to be a Captain I could follow to my last gasp.

You may think me foolish to put such stock in honour and loyalty, but these are the virtues that I cherish above gem and jewel, for without them we are but beasts.


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