91. Farewell now forbearance

91. Farewell now forbearance

I hear a gentle sobbing coming from what I had previously thought to be an abandoned house.  Inside I discover a distraught young woman hiding from the world; her father killed by cultists during the Bloodthorn insurgence, now she is lost, adrift in sorrow.

If I have found her, then it is but a matter of time before the cultists find her too.  She cannot remain here, but she will not leave without a remembrance of her dead father.  

There is no cause great enough to justify the murder of innocents. It is a loathsome and repugnant act wrought only by the craven.  No more… no more shall I believe these cultists to be misguided, or just deluded; for even delusion bridles barbarity.  Farewell now forbearance, clemency and restraint… Sword I name thee retribution tonight.


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