126. Conscience 

126 (a). Conscience126 (b). Conscience126 (c). Conscience126 (d). Conscience

Daggerfall forces are gathered for the final push against Angof and the Bloodthorns, but a poisonous mist bars their approach to Cath Bedraud, overcoming all who attempt to enter.  An earlier incursion attempt has ended in failure, as has a foolish rescue effort by Darien Gautier and a handful of Camlorn soldiers seeking retribution for their city’s demise.

A leader is responsible for every soldier serving under him; every decision must be weighed ‘gainst their lives, and every sacrifice he makes, must be unavoidable.  In truth, brave men never make good leaders; they lack the wisdom, discernment, and discrimination that the more humble man learns in surviving each day.  Darien’s conscience will bear scar from the decision he made this day, and no glib remark or garrulous front will ever wholly mask his shame.

We will save what soldiers we can, and then it is up to the mage to work her ritual and rite to bring down the barrier protecting the Gravesinger from the wrath of High Rock.


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