127. A bitter matter

127. A bitter matter.jpg

Gabrielle opens the way for us to gain entry to the Catacombs of Cath Bedraud, the final resting place of Kings, Queens, and heroes past.  Somewhere in these depths, amidst tomb, grave, chamber and crypt, hides the Bloodthorn leader, Angof the Gravesinger.

From the razing of Deleyn’s Mill, to the desecration of Eagles Brook, this Reachman is culpable for so much suffering across Glenumbra; yet to think how many men and mer rushed to this tyrant’s banner to enact his abominable charter, and now lie cold in dishonourable grave, is a bitter matter indeed.

There are times when we are powerless to prevent evil intent, but there must never be a time when we cannot stand and challenge it. 


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