141. Koeglin Village

141 (a). Koeglin Village141 (b). Koeglin Village141 (c). Koeglin Village141 (d). Keoglin Village

I arrive at the idyllic coastal hamlet of Koeglin, and immediately feel refreshed by the salt air and pastoral beauty of my surroundings.  The flourishing grasslands are kept green and made lush by Stormhaven’s characteristically regular rain-fall.  Between its white stoned holdings, trees offer plentiful shelter against the elements.  Today however, it is a calm summer sky with but a scattering of cotton clouds drifting freely upon warm morning air.  Beyond the harbour the sparkling horizon brims over the glinting sea, whilst silver tipped gulls dive and plunder its rich fishing waters.

I remember an Argonian associate once telling me that if you listen closely enough to the tides of the sea, you can hear the waves telling tale of distant shores and lands beyond reach.

As I reflected upon this I notice for the first time the frenzied movements of armed men upon the docks.  Then I spy what looks to be a female soldier held in stocks in the village square, whilst the people meander, downcast and on edge.  It appears Koeglin village is not quite the idyllic haven it first appeared to be.


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