142. Nature of the Dunmeri

Dark Elf slavers attacked Koeglin village in the night resulting in a stand-off with the towns guard at the harbour’s warehouse.

The Dark Elves, or Dunmer, seem to be amongst the most aloof and withdrawn of the peoples of Tamriel.  I know little of their culture save that which I was taught as a boy in Cyrodiil; chiefly that they worship their ancestors as gods and their spirit magic is but a short step away from vile necromancy.

In the dim light of this warehouse it would prove difficult for a human to distinguish the ashen skin and red-eyes of a Dunmer from a Dremora.  The few I have met in combat have displayed skill and grace in sword play, quick wit, and a tenacity that might rival a cornered Senche-Tiger.  Socially I have found that snide, snark, and spite seem to be inherent traits.

Nature has blessed the Dunmeri with long life, but the nature of the Dunmeri ensures that few ever fully live it.


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