148. Severing the chains

It was not friendship, love or mutual respect that united High Rock and Hammerfell behind the banner of the Daggerfall Covenant; it was a shared fear and hatred for a common enemy.  Perhaps one day the Three Banners might find that same fear and hatred unites them against the pernicious threat Molag Bal poses to all of Tamriel; but I suspect not.  As the alliances of men and mer chase each other’s tails around Cyrodill, their leaders become ever more blinded by the false promises of the ruby throne.

Tamriel however is a land full of banners, so when I stumble upon a party of worm cultists attempting to summon forth an anchor of Oblivion, I was soon joined by others intent on fighting back the Daedra and severing its chains.  Most likely some were fellow members of the Fighters Guild, possibly others were locals taking a stand to protect their homes and families, mayhap that even a few may have been fellow former guests of Coldharbour who also managed to make their escape during the chaos of the uprising.  Whoever they were, I was glad of their company.


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