149. Guiltless, but far from unsullied

149 (a). Guiltless, but far from unsullied149 (b). Guiltless, but far from unsullied149 (c). Guiltless, but far from unsullied

Anchored to the south of the Koeglin Lighthouse is the Bloody Scupper, dread-ship of the infamous Dunmeri pirate and slave trader Captain Angarthal.  Whilst searching for the Captain, I discover letters in his cabin from the Telvanni, one of the ‘Great Houses’ of the Dark Elves.  Whilst this correspondence offers proof enough of Angarthal’s guilt, it also serves to absolve the Ebonheart Pact from any direct involvement in this incident.  One need not be a scholar of Dunmeri politics to know that the House Telvanni are isolationists, and continue to refuse to join the other Houses in the Pact.

Guiltless here perhaps, but far from unsullied; whilst their ‘Pact’ required the release of all chained Argonians, the Dunmer continue to make slaves of innocent people of other races.  That the snow barbarians seemingly choose to ignore this immorality is shameful… that the Lizard men do, is beyond contemptible. It is because of the indifference of those who should know better that evil endures.

I was eventually to find the Captain below deck; accompanied by a rather brawny looking Nord in full battle attire… it would appear that I had been expected.


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