152. Luck or providence

The last of the Ember-eye slavers have overrun the small harbour of Steelheart Moorings, holding captive the locals and what remains of Captain Marck’s crew.   I am hopelessly outnumbered, and not for the first time I wonder whether I should take such risks to help strangers who won’t stand to help themselves.

My father used to say that people will look to everyone and everything but themselves to save them from their sorrows and pains; at least that was how he answered when I asked him why people pray.

Mayhap before Coldharbour I would have been the same, but when I see the gallows being built before the cave I realize that ‘everyone and everything’ has to be me, because at this moment the scales are tipping between rescue and revenge, and through luck or providence, I am here.  Maybe… just maybe, I am the answer to their prayers.


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