157. Corruption

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As I engage with the Supernal cultist in battle, I am taken aback to discover she wields a healers staff as skilfully as any I have met.  It takes much discipline and knowledge to harness the raw magicka that flows through each of us, and by force of will, shape it into spell and physical effect.  But to become a truly skilled healer, one needs not only to be able to express empathy, but also the ability to focus it.

I wonder how one so blessed with such a capability to sustain and support others has strayed so far down this darkened path that her once honest and honourable gifts are now corrupted to feed befouled purpose.

There are some that believe that one day alchemy may surpass the school of restoration magic, and we might eventually garner the same effects from a bottle brought from any flea-bitten Baandari peddler stall, as are to be archived from all those hours of training and hard work.  Until that time comes however, let us shield our healers from unclean influence, lest they are to share the same ill fate as this wretch.


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