182. Sister Janise

182. Sister Janise

In the transepts of Pariah Abbey in Northern Stormhaven, a young Breton named Sister Janise compassionately tends to the injured and hurt.  She is like a star in these troubled times; the darker the night, the brighter she shines.

What are my prayers but hollow breaths,
what are my dreams but hopes immure,
What are my fears that shadow each thought.
Sister Janise comfort me…

Under Azure’s gaze she tends to wound,
With bandage, balm and words that soothe,
granting peace and serenity to tortured hearts.
Sister Janise comforts me…

Her smile as captivating as candle light,
Her voice enchanting like a moonlit tarn,
Her words uplifting as the morning sun.
Sister Janise comforts me…

From her warm heart dismay takes flight,
optimism a kindle that her smile ignites,
her grace an inspiration to every word I write.
Sister Janise comforts me….

What are my prayers now but promise and wish,
what are my dreams but reality yet touched,
what are my fears but another enemy to smite.
Sister Janise comforted me.


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