183. A soldiers verdict

183 (a). A soldiers verdict183 (b). A soldiers verdict183 (c). A soldiers verdict183 (d). A soldiers verdict

To the east of Pariah Abbey the hills crawl with scamp and cultist.  A group of Supernal Dreamers have managed to open numerous portals through which the vile scamps spew forth from Vaermina’s realm.

In a nearby cave, the brother of the Abbot is magically bound.  Partially possessed by Daedric spirit, only his strength of will holds back the eventual and inevitable; he bravely councils his own death.

A decision needs to be made, one life for another, to honour a willing sacrifice or to kill an indoctrinated fool.

Perhaps it is that as a soldier I too have succumbed to indoctrination as much as the fool, but I cannot resolve beyond my conviction that one cannot hide from consequence behind ignorance, nor mitigate repercussion; thus the fool dies.

As I step through the portal into Quagmire to face Vaermina’s pet, I ponder my own repercussions, and wonder who will be judge of my ignorance. 


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