185. Encountering the Dreugh

185. Encountering the Dreugh

To most people the crustacean race of Dreugh are an enigma.  Common belief is that whilst they usually inhabit the coastal waters, for a year of their lives they will migrate inland to breed.  Favouring mud, marsh and river bank, it is not unknown for Dreugh to have been encountered as far inland as Cyrodiil.  Some scholar’s however have argued that the Land and Water Dreugh are in fact two distinct species.

The Dunmeri, who hunt Dreugh for their hide with which they fashion weapon and armour, teach that the Dreugh were actually devolved from a far more intelligent race that once dominated Tamriel.  According to their histories, colonies of Dreugh once lived in stone, glass and coral structures, but have since devolved into the more primitive creatures we see today as a direct result of centuries of conflict with the Dark Elves.

Histories are sometimes written not for prosperity, but for propaganda.  The sceptic might suggest that the Dreugh were once far more common before the Dark Elves voracious hunting drove them into more coastal fringes, and that the myth of the great Dreugh civilization is but an embroidery of the truth intended to impress upon outsiders the potential dangers of future disagreements with the Dunmeri.  

The sole truth about Dreugh of which I am now certain is that those I battled in Dreughside today fully lived up to their reputation as ferocious and dangerous enemies.  Their serrated claws and sharp pincers are enough to shred and lacerate even the most well armoured Knight; but it is their powerful shock and lightning attacks that are more likely to catch the inexperienced off-guard, leaving them unconscious and helpless to prevent the Dreugh from cocooning their still living bodies in mud to feed their hatchling young.


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