191. The corruption of Birdsong tower

The story of the Soulshriven Tower as related by the Priestess Pietine is that this area was once the site of a beautiful gardens belonging to Princess Violetta, a daughter of the house of Gardner.  The Gardner’s were once the ruling family of Wayrest prior to the rule of the present King Emeric Cumberland.  It was the last King Gardner who, along with several other Breton Kingdoms, signed the first Daggerfall Covenant, uniting High Rock to repel the Reachman invasion back in 541.  The family’s legacy was destined not to endure long after however as the King and his entire family fell victim to the Knahaten Flu, bringing an end to their auspicious dynasty almost 20 years ago.

The flower gardens of the Birdsong Tower, as these crumbling ruins were once known, were said to be a place of such pure beauty, tranquillity, and enchantment that it was whispered that the Mother Goddess Mara herself tended to every bloom.  When the Daedric prince Molag Bal, the lord of brutality, discovered a landmark of such purity and grace subsisting unsullied despite the tumult and disorder of the world about, it enraged him.  And in an act born of pure malice and spite, he sent his necromancers against the tower, to raise a legion of Undead that would corrupt the utopian gardens forever more.

It is an intriguing story, and one worthy of a bards supper; but perhaps what is more salient to note is that the tower offers an excellent outlook over Southern Wayrest and, more importantly, her docks.  One who has control over such a vantage point might gain vital strategic intelligence of ship movements to and from the capitol of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Or perhaps on a more base level, in a land where the drudges of Vaermina hold sway, claiming such a prized landmark for Oblivion may be little more than a notch in a perverse Daedric game of one-upmanship.

Whatever the true story behind the corruption of Birdsong tower, there is but one fact about this legion of undead of which I am certain…

They stand in my way.


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